Our speciality is building bespoke residential homes although we also construct a small number of commercial properties.

Building Process Overview and Tips

When you build with Suncity Homes you’ll be working with a small team of highly skilled, passionate builders. We’ll be able to explain the process to you in more detail during an initial consultation or advise you on details that are unique to your project and position. Here’s an overview in the meantime:

Getting plans drawn up

Experienced home builders generally approach us before they commission any plans. That’s a smart move because we use our industry connections and understanding of building costs to help ensure our clients choose the right architect to realise their vision and avoid overspending on house plans.

However, clients come to us with their architectural plans already made and many clients are referred to us by their preferred architect.

If you don’t have house plans drawn up yet we suggest you wait until after you’ve spoken with us. We’ve worked with some of the most creative and talented architects on the Sunshine Coast and it may save you time and money to let us liaise with architects on your behalf. We’ll use our industry knowledge to negotiate, reduce the costs of finalising plans and ensure that you only pay for the level of plans needed.

While the standard fee for architects is usually 10% of the building cost, our clients invariably spend less far less than that on their plans, leaving them with more to spend on finishings that make the design elements sing.

Planning Permission and Engineers Reports

Every council has different rules, every building site is unique and the regulations are constantly changing. We stay abreast of industry and local building news so we know exactly what to apply for when and what order to complete each building stage in for maximum efficiency.

Because we’ve been building on the Sunshine Coast for several decades we’ve got our building processes down to a fine art which enables us to help you avoid costly delays or mistakes.


As soon as the correct building plans and permissions are in place we’ll start building so your new home will be ready to move into as soon as possible.

Our licensed builder, Ben will be onsite most days with Diane, one of Queensland’s few female licensed builders, visiting at key stages. For example, to ensure the foundations and framing are exactly right so your completed home is true to the building plans.

During the building process, you’ll be working with Ben on a daily basis. He will be on site to oversee the project and ensure our carefully chosen tradespeople can get their job done on time.

Our attention to detail and perfectionism inspire us to build homes that are much-admired.

We’re driven to achieve the highest possible standards in everything including the building process, the materials used and of course the finished house.

We’ll guide and support you at every stage to make building your dream home one of the best experiences of your life.

Contact us now for free advice

Before you spend anything on house plans contact us first. Call or email Andrew now for free advice from a highly experienced builder about your special building project.


We’ve been building custom homes in Queensland for over 40 years. We understand the lifestyle and love living here as much as our clients do.

We’re based on the Sunshine Coast but build homes and commercial premises all along the coast, from Brisbane in the south right up to Rainbow Beach in the north. We also build in the lush green hinterland, from Maleny and Montville through to Gympie.

If you’re dreaming of building a new home we invite you to meet us for a free consultation. It’s never too soon to get in touch because we’ll advise you how to get the most out of your budget at any stage, even if you haven’t bought a lot yet.

You’re welcome to visit us in our showrooms in Noosa. Alternatively, we can come to visit you at home, work or on site if you’ve already bought a lot and want to discuss development plans.

This location list gives an indication of the areas we build in. If you can’t see your location, please get in touch to ask if we can help.

  • Sunshine Coast Coastal Suburbs
  • Sunshine Coast Hinterland
  • Brisbane River Suburbs & Surrounds
  • Redcliffe Peninsula Districts
  • Bribie Island & Surrounds
  • Gympie Region