Diane Coventry, Owner

Diane’s dad was a builder but she never imagined she’d follow in his footsteps. Only after she started working for Suncity Homes in 1998 an administration and accounting position, did she start to realise her passion for designing and building houses. When the opportunity to buy Suncity Homes came up, Diane not only decided to buy the business; she learned everything she could about the industry firsthand by becoming a licensed builder.

Even today, Diane is one of just a handful of female licensed builders in Queensland. Her organisational skills and process-driven building and management practices ensure the success of every project we put our name to.

Diane’s background in finance and a Masters in Professional Accounting gives her a complete understanding of company management and the requirements and costs involved in building complex custom homes.

Even after being involved in building multimillion-dollar homes for decades, Diane still sights building a stunning new home for her parents on their retirement to the Sunshine Coast as a personal highlight.

When she’s not overseeing the business, visiting building sites and obsessing over rooflines, Diane loves to travel. She even visited Antarctica looking for something completely different from the tropical beaches of Noosa.

Diane has lived in some of the Sunshine Coast’s most stunning beach resort towns and can’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

Ben Lebeter, Building Manager

Ben’s building career launched in 1993 and he’s accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the decades.  He relocated his young family to the Sunshine Coast to work with Suncity Homes in 2004 and enjoy the climate and lifestyle.

A fully licensed builder, Ben oversees the entire building process and works with our clients every step of the way. He loves working with people and constant positive feedback suggests that his focus on customer satisfaction is much appreciated.

Ben achieves outstanding results by focusing on delivering top quality workmanship and has handpicked an exceptional team of tradesmen to make that happen. He’s got an impeccable reputation in the industry and has forged strong relationships which help make almost any home building dream achievable.

With Diane on hand as a sounding board and co-advisor, he regularly works through difficult construction designs to achieve outstanding results.

On the weekends and holidays, Ben enjoys the quiet life with his wife and their three children.

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