For a first-class experience and successful outcome when building a new custom home, you’ll need the support of a range of team members. All of those experts need to be suitably qualified and appropriate for your new build.

If you want an outstanding home you’ll need to surround yourself with an outstanding team, and one that represents the ideal fit for your job.

Get the team involved early

Ideally, early building discussions will involve all the main parties. In this way feedback from all perspectives can be incorporated from the beginning, ruling out mistakes being made and ensuring all elements of a brief, including budget, are acted on.

Only too often builders are introduced to a project once the plans have already been drawn up and have to break bad news to the home builders:

“You know those beautiful plans you spent six months and one hundred thousand dollars getting created, well building that home will exceed your budget by a million dollars.”

Unfortunately, this has happened.

The building team

Your building team may eventually consist of:

  • Builder;
  • Architect or home designer;
  • Engineer;
  • Certifier;
  • Interior Designer;
  • Energy Efficiency Assessor;
  • Possibly Hydraulic, Mechanical or Electrical Engineers.

Team roles


Choosing a builder should be your first priority. In particular, choosing one who is used to working with the best architects and designers and can help you select the right one for your home.

Before choosing your builder check also that they are they typically involved with similar projects to yours. This will give you confidence they have the necessary skillset to match the detail required.

Be careful to look past the cheaper pricing provided by builders who may be less skilled. While not experienced with similar projects, or competent in the luxury-build area, their cheaper pricing may attract you to let them ‘give it a go’.

Architect or Home Designer

Some clients initiate their building project through discussions with their architect first. If this is your preferred approach, again make sure they are a good fit for your project, not just someone whose creative brilliance you admire.

To avoid costly mistakes, brief them clearly and define budgetary goals as well as size, design and special features. High end architects aren’t being paid to draw square boxes.  Often what makes their designs so appealing are the details, which is often where major costs lie too.

Architects are less familiar with building costs than builders, so the sooner you get a builder involved to check the plans and discuss costings the better.

Detailed plans are expensive and if you can’t afford to actually build the home as designed you will end up out of pocket, having spent significant money on beautiful plans, but with no prospect of building your home.

Engineers and other consultants

Most clients won’t necessarily know anyone that performs these specialty services, although some might have a preferred interior designer in mind.  However, more often the builder or architect engages the services of trusted providers who fit well with the project and with whom an established working relationship is already in place.

Making sure you are surrounded with an appropriate team of professionals and finding someone who can help you get that team in place will give you peace of mind and smooth the building process.

Contact us first to save money on your luxury build

Suncity Homes already has good working relationships with a number of local architects and designers.  By providing them continued work and eliminating some of the more costly and unnecessary services, we can oversee and streamline the design process to save you money and time.

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